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2024 - 04

What raw materials are usually used to make ribbed jacquard knitted fabrics?

In the manufacturing process of rib jacquard knitted fabrics, a variety of high-quality raw materials are usually used. The selection of these raw materials depends on the specific properties required of the fabric, such as strength, elasticity, breathability, and the intended use of the final product. Here are some common raw materials:

Cotton: Cotton raw material is widely used for its good skin-friendly properties and strong breathability. Cotton fiber is soft and durable, suitable for making summer clothing, such as T-shirts, underwear, etc., which can bring comfort to the wearer.

Dacron (Polyester): Polyester is a synthetic fiber popular for its resistance to abrasion, washability, and its ability to resist deformation. Polyester has high strength and good elasticity, and is often used to make shirts, casual pants and other clothing that require a certain degree of durability.
Jacquard Ribbed
Spandex: Spandex is an elastic fiber known for its excellent elasticity and stretch properties. It is often used in clothing that requires high elasticity, such as sportswear, tights, etc., to provide the wearer with greater freedom of movement.

Nylon: Nylon is also a synthetic fiber known for its abrasion resistance, high strength, and wrinkle resistance. Nylon fabric is often used to make outdoor equipment, swimwear, etc. because it can resist the influence of the external environment and maintain the shape and performance of the fabric.

In addition, ribbed jacquard knitted fabrics may also use silk, wool, viscose and various blended materials as raw materials. Blended materials usually mix different types of fibers together to obtain the advantages of each fiber, such as increasing the softness of the fabric, improving elasticity or enhancing wear resistance.

When selecting raw materials, manufacturers consider the fabric's expected performance, cost, and market demand for the final product. Different combinations of raw materials can produce ribbed jacquard knitted fabrics with different styles and characteristics to meet the production needs of various clothing and household items.

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