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2024 - 04

What types of jacquard looms are commonly used for ribbed jacquard knitted fabrics?

In the weaving process of rib jacquard knitted fabrics, multiple types of jacquard looms are usually used, each of which has its own unique characteristics and scope of application. Here are a few common jacquard loom types and their relevance to the weaving of ribbed jacquard knit fabrics:

Electronic Jacquard loom: This type of loom is the mainstream choice in modern weaving. They control the movement of the jacquard device and loom through computer programs. When weaving ribbed jacquard knitted fabrics, electronic jacquard looms can precisely control the tension and movement speed of warp and weft threads, ensuring the accuracy and clarity of patterns. Its efficient and stable performance makes mass production possible and can adapt to complex and changeable pattern designs.

Flying shuttle loom: Flying shuttle loom adopts hook-type jacquard mechanism, which is especially suitable for weaving fabrics with flat jacquard and relief jacquard styles. In the weaving of rib jacquard knitted fabrics, shuttle looms can create layered and three-dimensional patterns, making the fabrics more vivid and artistic.
Jacquard Ribbed
Air cushion loom: The air cushion loom uses a bubble lifting mechanism to achieve more complex and delicate jacquard effects. Air cushion looms are an ideal choice for ribbed jacquard knit fabrics that need to display fine patterns and textures. It ensures smooth lines, bright colors, and excellent three-dimensionality.

When selecting a jacquard loom, in addition to considering the type of loom, it is also necessary to conduct a comprehensive evaluation based on the specific requirements of rib jacquard knitted fabrics, such as fabric thickness, fiber type, pattern complexity and other factors. At the same time, the operation and maintenance of looms are also important links in ensuring fabric quality and production efficiency.

The weaving of rib jacquard knitted fabrics requires the selection of suitable jacquard looms, combined with exquisite weaving skills and advanced control systems, to ensure the clarity and three-dimensionality of the pattern while meeting various performance indicators of the fabric.

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